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AmonRay Sleep Counselling

for Adolescents and Adults

Sleep Counselling is the most natural, quickest, most direct, most price-worthy, simple, natural, and certainly the most efficient, most lasting, and healthiest way to improve your sleep.

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Why Sleep Counselling?

The reason is quite simple and logic. Sleep is not something that happens to you. Sleep is something you non-consciously do. Sleep is the activity of restoring your body and mind, the activity of biological housekeeping.

Activities can be insufficient, inaccurate, or inefficient but they never can break or become diseased. Logically, there is no way to treat bad sleep successfully by medical means, despite in-numerous therapies, medications, and technologies that claim to do that. Something that cannot break cannot be fixed.

If you sleep bad, you habitually and inadvertently sleep wrong ...

Efficient and sufficient sleeping is a primary Life Skill. Sleep Counselling has the simple purpose to guide you to becoming a skillful sleeper for good, naturally, without aids, without any technology or medication.

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What is Sleep Counselling About?

By genetic design, the human organism has a natural biological affinity towards best possible sleep. We always sleep as well as our sleep environment and our previous awake activities biologically allow.

We inadvertently create sleep issues when awake. Any sleep issue is caused by one or several of the following three cumulative factors and their non-negotiable functional biological consequences:

  • Inadequate stress relief, lack of self-worthiness, and unfavourable social conditioning
  • Choice of a biologically inaccurate sleep environment
  • Sleep impeding awake lifestyle and biologically inappropriate use of technology and medication

Sleep Counselling gets at these causes.

I assist you with vital practical down-to-earth personalized guidance how to biologically optimize these factors when awake to increase efficiency and quality of your subsequent sleeping.

Your success is granted by the biological Laws of Nature.

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What can I expect from Sleep Counselling?

Prior to your first counselling session, we assess your actual biological sleep performance by means of an online multiple-choice questionnaire. The questionnaire creates your personal ASP Sleep Profile.

Tailored to your personal needs and possibilities we establish how best to practically improve your daily routines to integrate these actions. In particular, we optimize your

  • Stress relief techniques
  • Circadian sleep timing
  • Sleep scheduling
  • Sleep hygiene practice
  • Sleep environment

If you follow the counselling guidance and imply the suggested actions, you can count on your sleep efficiency and sleep quality to improve substantially.

Your success is granted by the biological Laws of Nature.

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About Counselling Sessions

The duration of a sleep counselling session is 1 hour. I personally serve you one-on-one online worldwide by video call (e.g. on Skype), so that I can share my screen with you.

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How many sessions?

Based on your ASP Sleep Profile, the first counselling session deals with the most prominent causes. The session provides sufficient information to enable you to improve your sleep substantially.

It is session by session on your demand at your convenience, depending on how much you intend to improve your general wellbeing and ease of life.

Most sleep improvements require a change of some deeply engraved daily routines. It takes us humans about 30 days consistent practice to establish new habits.

For optimal results, I therefore recommend at least two additional sessions, the first about a week, the second about four weeks after the first session. The follow-up sessions make it easy for you to stay on track, consolidate your sleep improvements and benefit the most from Sleep Counselling.

How much does it cost?

The investment in your Self is US$ 157 per counselling session (subject to change). The fee is due with each session and is non-refundable. Following the session, you'll receive a PayPal invoice from AmonRay by e-mail. Please pay conveniently online by credit card or PayPal.

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How Can I Book Sleep Counselling ?

Martin H. Gremlich MSc.Nat. ATP  –  AmonRay Life Skills   Surrey, BC Canada
Contact: (+1) 206 973-7408